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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yeow! Strong Punishment

LOCATION: Virginia Beach

The ideal man-
-is interested in going out with someone new
-understands and enjoys meeting different women of all walks of life lets be honest does it matter how much i make or where i live or what i drive as long as when shes with you she treats you as if you walk on water
-understands that all the Halle's and Beyonce's are taken, and the regular descent looking women are on here are realizing she wont find LL Cool J or Tyson the model on here
-is not a liar and doesnt feel the need to because he realizes the best part of being a Man is being straight up and still being able to get the booty
-open-minded to the fact that women think money first
-knows that women are going to be hesitant to give you the prize... the goodies... if you are not willing to wine dine etc... understands that women feel that a man who will lie will cheat&steal he is a man with no honor n his punishment should be death

-understands his money is not needed but wanted
-understands when he puts out she will put out
-willing to acknowledge that if you dont want to invest you will most likely get the women who will bullshit you and get it in with the man who IS putting out
-understands that we dont want to hear your life story especially when it wont go further than datingor 98% of the time sexing... lets be real this isnt eharmony ... there will be no marriage
-realizes that time and money can impact future dates in many ways, none of them negative
-knows that woman isnt concerned with impressing you, and doesnt care what you have so you should spare all the details
-understands age is never a problem when you are dealing with men and women... not imposters -knows that most women dont need a coach and will automatically know the basics but understands women wont get offended if you tell her YOUR ways
-feels comfortable with who he is, be a MANLY MAN, CONFIDENT, and knows his age doesnt automatically qualify him as a man it is his CHARACTER who defines him if you are short and wide say that if you are balding at 23 say that if you are tall or chunky or have a little pecker SAY THAT women love a SWAG work what you have like everyone else is missing out!
-understands that women feel that a man who will lie will cheat&steal he is a man with no honor n his punishment should be death in case you dont know this is the answer to looking for the ideal woman

If you read this and you felt like i described you in detail... email me... I will be waiting

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Beth said...

All I can hear right now is Hannibal Lecter saying, "Quid pro quo, Clarice."