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Thursday, August 6, 2009

i'm a crazy bitch

LOCATION: Philadelphia

i'm not your average girl. i don't look like every other girl on here.

i don't act like one. i can guarantee you i'm a hell of a lot more complex than the majority of them. i used to cut myself when i was younger. y'know, to get the pain i was feeling inside to show on the outside. some pathetic shit like that. i'm pretty much over that, but i still am not quite a happy-go-lucky person. i take antidepressants.

i'm extremely insecure and lonely. so i'd like to find a guy willing to take that kind of challenge on.

if i found someone who actually really was interested in learning about me, who showed an interest in my thoughts and feelings, i think i might fall over. of course i would do the same.

i just feel like i'll never find anyone who could put up with me. prove me wrong.

2 People said what they thought:

Beth said...

Well, at least she's upfront about the crazy part. You gotta give her points for honesty.

Rebecca Anne said...

Ok, so I finally got over to this blog and HOLY SHIT.
Are these FOR REAL?????

I know I was just shouting via cap letters, but OMG..........

Some of it's so funny I can't believe what I'm reading. Some so sad I can't believe a real person is behind the words and some so outrageous it makes me frightened for you.

Ok. And I laughed. A lot.