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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hey Outer Space, got any extra single guys? Hook me up!


You have no idea how hard it is to find a great guy here... you'd think, what with several MILLION eligible singles in New York City, it'd be easier.

Actually, I think the numbers are working against us. Neanderthal man and woman (our evolutionary precursors, if you will) didn't have to deal with so many choices. I'm afraid all these options have addled our little brains a bit... but I digress.

So, here's the deal. I'm a female (the model with the parts that theoretically make it possible for me to incubate a new human.) There are two models of humans... it's very important here which one you are and which one you like. In terms of dating, that is.

Anyway, I prefer to mate with males. They are the model with a bit sticking out that enables them to, um, well... A guy. I want a guy.

Look it up, mkay? I've got many of the attributes that are supposed to help me find a great guy, but, well, the process is a bit complicated. It takes time. Considerable time... I believe they beamed you a nice little drawing of a man a few dozen years ago. You can use that as a guide.

Pretty much, I would like him to stick around for about 50 years. Regular vacations to interesting places, good conversations about all sorts of things, some general silliness, some romantic time, some space (sorry, no pun intended) and a willingness to basically be friends for life are all ideals. More than two months would be a nice start. I could pretty much take it from there.

So, outer space, you got any single guys you'd like to send my way?

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Beth said...

"Klaatu barada nicto!" ;)