Fellow Daters

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Picture Imperfect 34

Help me I'm being stalked by a large rectangular black box. OMG it's right behind me. I'm not going to panic.

Really this is the only picture you could find of yourself. I'm not even going to guess what you're doing.

Jeez couldn't you have at least giving me sunglasses before you showed me your picture. I see you like to wear 5" heels I hope you have a nice face to go with them.

Oh you like to sip tea and talk politics while sitting around in your bra. What a coincidence so do I.

Am I getting a lap dance? Because if I am I need some singles.

Picture Imperfect 33

You're right you don't have any cavities.

Oh so you do normally dress this way.

The "O" face with a milk moustache still isn't the best for a profile pic. At least I think that's milk?

See I already have the dress ready and it's only been used a few times. If you're a size 44 I can get you a good deal on a tux.

I really hope you choose me because if you don't you'll never hear back from me.

Picture Imperfect 32

Please help save me from this Erkiel wanna be.

As soon as he's gone and I get the insurance money we can be together. Write me soon. XOXO.

Help I've fallen and I can't get up.

Semi pro female wrestler looking for partner to practice moves on and possible dating. Last person still recovering from neck injuries.

Picture Imperfect 31

I hope my working in the nuclear power plant won't bother you.

Don't you just hate when tribbles hump your face like this?

Ooo finally a girl that has a teeth cleaning fetish like me.

Feeling a bit blue?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Picture Imperfect 30

This ladies profile name is "cum-get-me-mwah". Yeah a deep meaningful relationship is what she's looking for.

I love a woman than can smile for the camera.

Your "O" face may not be the best one to post.

Lady don't you know that smoking is bad for your skin. Ah forget it you're to far gone.

Hmmm decisions, decisions, decisions.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Picture Imperfect

Please don't tell me you went to a dressing room just to take a picture of yourself.

You're suppose to check if the girls are there before you take the picture.

This is just so wrong.

Taking pictures of yourself in alleys adds that hooker type feel to it. Don't you agree?

I guess it's the blond. Hate having to play pin the tail here.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Gamer Seeks Same

Hot girl for hot guy!


Hi! I'm a level 44 female blood elf (will be 50 this weekend) seeking my true love. Long dark red hair, sexy red lips, and I can bust a move like you've never seen. Must be from Duskwood server, where I am. Specifically looking for a male blood elf or undead to rock my world (of warcraft). Bonus points if you're a 70 and have any of your epics above teir 4. No trolls!!! Send me an email with your name and we can go on a date. There is a cute little spot in the Barrens I would love to bring a date. Maybe set up a fire and drink some volatile rum? See where things go from there. See you soon!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Imperfect Dating Pics 2

You know unless this is a two for one package I hate having to choose.

Words just escape me.

I love pictures of women that showing them enjoying their life.

Now you girls are looking for a guy right? Not some part is some low budget porn film.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Imperfect Dating Profile Pics

First of I would like to say that all these pictures came from normal non-sex sites.
Okay, I'm sure their is a good reason why your mouth is taped shut.

This is Poledancr. I'm really going to have to do a entry on names here.

Yes I want a long meaningful relationship, that's why I'm showing you my butt instead of my face.

I know you ladies like the candles, but we would like to meet you in the light first. Just to make sure their are no sharp objects around.

Never use your drinking party pics.