Fellow Daters

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Best/Worse of Profile Names

Your profile name is like a brand name. It will sell you or sink you real fast.

1. Neverfaithful – well you get 10 out of 10 for honesty but I bet you don’t get many dates.

2. Loveonly4you – and the other 30 women you contacted today. Sorry overly slushy is not attractive.

3. ManiacKiller – hey let’s meet soon, somewhere dark and devoid of witnesses!!

4. Boredofdating – well if you are bored of dating then why are you on a dating site? That just screams I want a husband and I want one now.

5. I’mboring – not going to want to read the rest of your profile then am I?

6. Falsetits44 – you have to be kidding me, you want to advertise that you are 44 and just had a boob job?

7. Princesstopamper – that just screams you are going to be high maintenance and hard work.

8. Stretchmarks – okay so you have had babies and now have stretchmarks but do you think that is the first thing you should tell some about you?

Not quite sure if it will float

Sunday, July 4, 2010

They're Creepy and Spooky

Forgot to take her meds I think.

Yes poking dead stuff always gets me hot.

The Pikachu Sutra. Hawt!!

At least she's honest about her likes.

Some cropping challenges here.

Well he'll have plenty of things to tell a therapist later in life.