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Thursday, August 6, 2009

losers need not apply


(No this was not on a sex site)

i am a spunky and funny chick that is a little shy at first. i like to go out and have fun with my friends. i am a city girl but i also like to go skiing or hiking in the mountains. i am looking to meet cute, lean, guys or girls with good since of humor, non-flaky, and is not vain. i work a lot so I'm not looking for someone really needy.there for i'm not looking for a relationship at first. just cool people to hang out with. i do not date smokers or drug users! so here's some crap i like....guiness, bowling,concerts, roller skating, acting like a jackass, red wine, traveling, latex clothes, boots, nipple tape, geee thats random, drunk bingo at the ho, if you don't know what the 'ho' is you haven't lived in atl long enough, poking dead things with sticks, ramdom acts of wierdness, trivia...i know tons of useless crap, cartoons,comedy..i love to laugh, ****ing at the yuppie douche bag when they come into the cleremont, boobies... who doesn't love boobies!, saying stuff that will make you squerm, food..i'm thin but i heart eating, educational tv, movies, stuff and things but mainly stuff, girls and boys that like to be spanked hahaha... if i haven't listed it it's cause i got tired of typing hehe!

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Beth said...

The first couple of sentences, she started went quickly downhill.