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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The few, the proud, the rare 1% will succeed

If you belong to any 'faith-based' religion...don't bother contacting me. I am a self proclaimed hedonistic instigator with no interest in dumb men who want their egos stroked or want petite/cute-cuddly/short/lovable-romantic/asian/easily dominated prey.

If you're looking for someone to have a few beers, shoot pool, or feel like bothering the human race for sheer sport, then step on up. I am single, never married, no kids, and totally healthy.

I am not bisexual, gay, or interested in entertaining the male race with tantric massage excuses. I absolutely cannot stand the new-age, flaky, extremely liberal crowd.

I don't like 'pretty boys' who need lots of attention ...particularly those that 'string' along a few women at a time because they enjoy the control freak game. -Yuppies, hippies, metrosexuals, preppies, NASCAR/sports fanatics, and atypical professional-business types should look elsewhere. I don't dress to impress, and live a low-matainance lifestyle.

If you

· are married (or mess around with married couples)
· involved in a relationship
· are of an ethnic background which isn't Irish
· have kids
· messy divorce issues
· have a boring career/life
· are republican/conservative
· are fat/flabby, smoke
· do drugs (or have addiction problems)
· have a criminal record
· stupid, lazy
· soley depend upon videogames/internet for self-entertainment
· are clinically insane
· listen to stupid music (Yanni)
· are hairy/poor hygiene
· have no life
· stay indoors on a regular basis
· have anger management problems
· are white trash
· are a nerd/geek
· are below the age of 35 (I prefer 35-42)
· are infected with an STD/incurable disease

...then GO AWAY and don't bother me.

If you cannot 'hang' in an Irish police/fire bar, than keep on 'truckin. I listen to serious hardcore (Disturbed, Pantera, Nonpoint) which fit's my lifestyle. If you are someone who has to ask "turn that music down!", then you're too old.

What career guy I am looking for: If you belong to the government world/involved with first responder work (fire, police, US&R, military) and have a suitable clearance level and meet the previous criteria, then you're 'golden' for at least an email in response.

I work with every type of first responder, all levels of law enforcement, military and federal support during active incident operations in the field.

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Beth said...

Yeah, 'clinically insane' is probably a deal breaker.