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Friday, August 7, 2009

Be my hug bunny!!!!!

((Not the image from the profile))

LOCATION: Philadelphia

have you ever been watching bambi and you saw thumper, and you thought hey, thats just like me? if so you might be the guy for me!!!!

i love guys that are like bunnies, and like to hop around. i have a puffy rabbit tail with velcro you can wear also. personally im not like a bunny at all, mainly a ferret, but according to the good book these are two extrmeely compatible animals.

i love the outdoors, i set up a tent on the grass between two highways often and just listen to the cars whoosh by. id love if you joined me and hopped around in the grass eating twigs and stuff like rabbits do. we could play on or in a hollowed out log also. maybe we can return to my burrow, er, studio apartment to watch a disney film and snuggle once it gets dark??

hope to hear from my bunny rabbit man soon!! i know youre out there baby!

1 People said what they thought:

Beth said...

Ick. Sounds like she wants Humper, not Thumper. LOL