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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Yes Please Be Gentle

First time posting so go gentle

LOCATION: San Francisco

Hard to begin my posting, yet my desire and feeling of a romantic encounter with a man is increasing day by day.While I recovered from an emotional break up time, many years past by me and has berried my deepest desired to feel a man inside of me,,,only to find after five plus years that this sensual, sexual physical desire has increased inside of recently. Now, I find myself continuously wet, craving a thick long hard white cock inside of me. I feel the need of having my breast sucked licked for extended periods of time, I crave the playing around to build up that sensual emotion minute by minute. The caressing, the kissing the hugging and feeling against my body of his pinus getting harder and harder. What a thrilling feeling- to see whats coming for me soon enough. Gentle, as the first time, romantic as what two lovers in love share and yet energetic and long lasting as two addicted people could feel for one another. No physical hitting, no ropes but open to role playing with time. Yes, I'm kinda dreamy of that perfect first time sexual encounter once again. There are some things that I have not experience and don't know if I will like it after I do, but I do understand that if the first time is good and gentle it may become a very desirable part of my intimacy to accommodate into each sensual sexual encounter from there after. Could this be you who can one again make me feel all of those things happen inside? be above 5"11, not over 200lbs in the right place, educated (college degree ++), family oriented, not into multiple dating, encounters or married. Medium to light complexion American in late 30s not over 47 and with NO substance addition nor in the past. More about me..... In my 30s, white curvy in the right places, about 5'5", long hair, brown caramel eyes and in need to the right man to fulfil these and other activities in my life. Shy at first but become comfortable soon after with he right male. College grad and not looking to have anymore kids nor marriage anytime soon, but I shall crave the company of the right man in my life. I'm an occasional drinker (not much), don't smoke nor do drugs, love my home and family life and bright tall men. Like to read, movies with kernel corn & coke no ice. Other activities as they come up such as walking long distance, music, outdoor, tennis (haven't done it in years) and love watching world cup soccer. There are so many other qualities that only time and relationship can allow me to share but these were some.

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