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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Don't Drink and Profile at the Same Time

I don't bite.... well not hard.....


Here something to ponder on........ If you had me alone locked up in your room for twenty four hours and I had to do whatever you wanted... what would you do with me. Tell me by email then send this to all your contacts you might be surprised by the responses..... they could make you laugh... .... have fun xxxxxxxxxx

Pet hate of mine is when people add you to their favourites and dont even bother to send a hello email, why add you in the first place????????Well what can I say apart from I have little mishaps and all I'm saying is sorry to the bloke I whacked in the nether regions with a shopping trolley it was an accident honest.. then the time I slid head first down a muddy bank I'm sure the dog was laughing at me.. I'm pretty easy going sometimes too soft for my own good. I've got a wicked sense of humour and love a good laugh but I can be serious when needed, I'm a good listener and if I can help someone I will. Oh and I had tears in my eyes watching "Ice Age" well I thought the Sabre Tooth Tiger was going to die! I know I know its animated and I sobbed watching Bambi but I was only little then and yes I know I'm still little all 4ft 11 of me lol hahahaha ....I take people as I find them and will either like or not like them regardless of what they do or dont do, what they have or havent got and I'd like to be treat the same take me as you find good bits, bad bits, warts and all its who I am... It's ok I've had the big warts on my nose removed and I'm wart free everywhere else tooooooooooo just incase your minds were boggling...........Oh and just for the record for those that don't understand the pics well they were taken by me taking the pee out of me not coz I'm up myself glad we cleared that up seems like some people don't know what a laugh is............ oh dear had another mishap today

21/11/7 went to the loo and thought id pulled knickers down with trousers only i hadnt ooooops didnt realise till too late oh boy lol im losing it lol

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