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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Entertainment Industry and LONG STORY

Throwing it out there X2 - 23


Geez, never thought I'd be putting out an ad! Anyways, Im one of those people who like to lay it all out there and be straight from the get-go. I just moved here from Houston (yuck I know) I own my own business in the Entertainment industry, and my day job is downtown as an accountant. So yeah Im pretty busy but I make my schedule so dont think I wouldnt have time for you. I am extremely loving. Yes I used the "L" word. I use it with everyone, cause I love everyone. Even if I dislike you, I still love you. That's just the type of person I am. Big on hugs and affection so if that bothers you, then Im not for you. Another thing, 90% of my friends are guys. Two in particular I am very close with. If that sort of thing bugs you then again, Im not for you. Also, I have two kids-LONG STORY- then have not moved here yet but will very soon. Both girls but Im NOT looking for a baby-daddy whatever the hell that is. Im just letting you know cause some people are scared of that sort of thing. Im just wanting to date and see where it goes.

Particulars- Im pretty smart, I graduated high school at 15. So yeah. I'm white, I have blue eyes, and currently have red hair and I like it so it will be that way for a while. I've had kids so Im not skinny, Im not morbidly obese either so if ur looking for some hot skinny chick Im not it. If you want someone to have deep meaningful conversations with and still laugh at the dumbest jokes ever then we would probably be a good fit. If you are looking for someone who will want to take care of you (and I mean like doing nice stuff for you) and you would want to take care of in return then I'd love to hear from you. If you love music and art we are a great fit. Frankly I have a lot of guy friends that outwardly treat me like Im a girlfriend, but in reality its nothing like that. Im just close to those I care about. And once Im in your life, you generally won't want me out of it. Cause like I said, I take care of the people that I love. Im a christian but not a critial one. So as long as you dont hate christians we're cool. Im an emotional girl, not crazy, just emotional. I cry at the silliest things but its for good and bad stuff. Most people think its cute, but some people aren't into it. Generally I just need a good long hug (or kiss if Im with someone) and Im over it. I get pretty clumsy sometimes. Most of my friends say its "adorable" but Im not to sure about that. They also love the way I hiccup and laugh and sneeze (I do the wavy arm thing) Sometimes I play therapist to people.. I dunno why, one time I was at a bar and a stranger sat down and told me her life story and wanted advice.. and I gave it to her! But C'est la vie.

If you aren't scared off yet then I commend you! This is my first attempt at this and I don't really know what to say. I guess I should say what Im looking for. Im looking for a SWM who isnt afraid of all of the above. Someone who will surprise me by opening a door for me every once and a while. Who wont get insanely jealous when Im with my guy friends but maybe just a little cause you want me all to yourself sometimes too. I warn you I am artist inclined. I love artists, especially musicians. Dunno why I just do. I tend to like the nerdy lookin guys too, again dunno why but Im really not too picky on that score. Im hoping to find someone to date or even to become great friends with or more (I could always use more people to care about!) I've been married before (part of that long story) and Im not looking to do that again until I KNOW and I mean KNOW that it is right. I want someone who likes snuggling on the couch to some chick flick for me and then letting me hide my face on your chest when we watch some scary or violent movie for you. But I also like to go out and do stuff every once and a while. Even if its just walking around a park or art museum or a movie.

Wow this is really long! Again I commend you for hanging in there. If you are even some-what interested.. don't be afraid. Email me! I live this moment as my last because there is no promise of tomorrow!

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