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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Looking for Bachelor #4

Oddity, For Seriously Symbiotic Relationship - 26

LOCATION: Philadelphia

I'm not going to make you think I'm sweet all the time. I'm a real woman. We're not all glitter and coconut tanning oil. I can be sweet, and I can make you sweets, but I'm not a very good actress and I dont pretend to like kittens, babies, or sweatpants with words on the butt just to land a man. I like driving fast, I like drinking, I like being a little bit fat as long as I work out and eat correctly and maintain my health. I'm crafty and I have amazing skills all over the spectrum. We're talking magical. I'm adultish, very responsible and mature (but still feel like I'm seven most days), I make more money than most people I know (I always thought ...who cares about money? But apparently some guys do). I'm currently dating 3 different people and hate all of them - give me a reason to cut them all and go with one guy... I need someone who craves me because I dont seek your approval but I want to be around you lots. I want you to want to be around me lots, too. I might sound like I am one of those immature girls who shops only at angry novelty clothing stores and hates the world; but I rather enjoy love, life, and laughing 90% of my awake-time. (The rest of the time, I spend playing practical jokes or kind of zoning out.) I cant sleep right now, and tomorrow I'll definitely feel like wasting time at work in between presentations, so send me something original. Like a joke. Maybe a true story that is wild enough to be fiction. I dont want to hear about your daily routine, how many times per week you work out, or what your hair and eye color is. That can be email number two. Show me the real you.

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Constance said...

Multiple personality seeks same.