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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Appropriate Sharing

Whats wrong with honesty and putting it ALL on the table? - 40


Why cant you post the truth? Why would anyone want you to do anything else, afterall, you want the other to fall for you for who you are , not who you make yourself out to be. Right? Im not finding that this is true. I think everyone wants the other to say what "they" want to hear. Anything else is just too much reality!!!!!! Well if you truly are looking for a LTR then you better be ready for some reality!!! I mean if you are going to make a major purchase, something you will have with you for a very long time, a car , a house, a person, etc. dont you want to know its history? What is been through, has it been wrecked? Is it sitting on a land fill? You dont want them to make it all pretty and appealing just to find out the first time you get above 50MPH your beautiful custom 67 Chevelle chokes ,stalls and starts to smoke! You want this info up front, the previous owners maintence record so to speak. Right? Well, this is mine, I could hold out til the 2nd third or even 4th date but why? That is a waste of time and emotional energy for both parts!!!!! So lets see...Im divorced,TWICE!!! I have 2 kids in college, Im 40, I weigh 128lbs, brwn hair and brwn eyes, Im told by many that I am "exotic" looking, I have always wondererd if that really just means ugly or strange? I have a great sense of humor, I am educated, well traveled, I can have conversations at any level and also be very content chatting w/ a preschooler. I love to sing and sometimes at the top of my lungs!!!! Dancing to hip-hop makes me happy and I dont care if I look funny doing it.! But...anyway, I had a horrible year in 07! It kicked my ass, I couldnt take the stress and preasure and I cracked. So my really nice job.....gone. I still have a mortgage to pay and a fixed income does not cover it, so I had to get house mates(yuck!)I tried to refinance but now since the med bills are so high I dont qualify. My credit took a hit!!!! Before Feb 07 ,I had been on my own for 6 years , bringing home my own bacon w/NO child support and I did just fine. Well, obviously not just fine or I would have been able to keep all the balls in the air right? It took me an entire year, a lot of determination and a ton of prayers to get it together again!!!! So ,now as I have been BLESSED with getting my health back, in every sense, Im thinking about life and love and the next 40 years. I did a month on a pricey on-line service....WOW, now there were a lot of B.S'ers on there. Noone just "is". they all are mountain climbers and avid travelors ,fabulous salsa dancers, executives, and areo space engineers, aka airplane mechanic,(JUST SAY IT!!!!)with great tans using pics, from 1982. All the while asking for an athleticly built, toned, educated,untouched, no bags, with double D's. Well, 1st they need to be upfront about who they really are and then get realistic about what they can and should be asking for. In fact, many will post themselves as Christian man looking for LTR, and in what they want, they will check the box in the religious section "atheist,agnostic, and several others are OK! Come on, I think a Christian man and an atheist woman might not click very well. But the point is the things that truley matter seem oblivious to them. So back to my in your face approach....I also have an anxiety disorder , one that can get so bad, I am unable to leave my home. So I take a prescribed med daily, which does not allow for ANY alcohol! Fabulous huh? By now if you are still reading, you are just curios or bored stiff!!!! So point being, dating could be a real challenge. I know I want a LTR , I want to love again, but I dont want any fake crapp....the real deal or nothin'! I am a challenge , yes, but whats really good that you dont have to work hard for? I am so much more alive than I was 2 years ago....little things in life mean so much more, I notice things that I have been overlooking for years. I am better for my trials. Im not a fancy pants kinda gal, I do well in many different circles, I can wear a little black dress to knock your socks off , or a pr. of levis and a T to hit the thrift stores with you.(and still maybe knock off your socks:o) ) I hate being cold , so skiing is not my bag, and anything over 85 degrees, Im lookin for the air conditioner. I like to camp, watch movies , go for walks, yard sale, read, work on project around the house, Im a very down to earth simple person who enjoys just being....I dont need to bike 47 miles on a Sat. afternoon or go river rafting to feel alive! Yes, I like to go out to nice places but I can also be content at home by the fire. I LOVE animals, my pets are family...I dont tolerate tempers, yelling, ANY kind of abuse toward myself , my kids or my animals. I just want peace, normality (what ever that might be). Im a huge hygiene freak, NO STINKY BUTTS allowed. Im not a great house keeper, Im very unorganized, I prefer not to cook, but I will if I HAVE to. Im late a lot and I start several projects at once, leaving messes all over...I am EXTREMLY creative though! So now, I think its pretty much all on the table, would you like to sit down? Please include your its a small world. And thanks and congrats for making it this far.

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