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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Way Too Much Info

Broken Hearted Seeks a New Friend for the New Year! - 23


I'm a 23 year old White Female. I'm naturally a blonde, but I just got out of a unhealthy relationship and part of my change was dying my hair burgundy. OK Here goes, In March 2007 I met a man on here when I was looking for a date to my sisters wedding,(you know who you are) up until 2 weeks ago, we were together and I thought extremely happy despite all of the trials and rough times we had gone through. When I met him, I thought he was single, charming, extremely attractive, successful, sexually, everything was amazing. Just his touch would send tingles down my spine. When he would look into my eyes, i would melt and when he would put his arms around me I felt safe, and he had a personality to make you fall head over heals. When we were together it was like everything in the world disappeared except the two of us, I really was floating on cloud 9. 6 months ago i found out one day that he had another girlfriend on the side who was pregnant, but they had ended the relationship months earlier because when she told him she was pregnant he made up all of these horrible lies and kept her strung along. OK, I forgave him for that. Then 2 days later, I get a phone call from what I thought was his cell phone, and on the other line was his wife. I found out he had been with this woman for 13 years and has 4 children. I was pissed, there was no getting over that right then. I broke up with him and his wife left him and she took the kids and filed for divorce. After I met her, I knew I had to talk to him to get only the answers he could give me. Well, like a dumbass, I took him back despite everyone telling me not to. I had faith that he was just unhappy in his marriage like he told me, and I thought he could change, and had potential to be the wonderful man i originally thought he was. So I accepted everything, didn't forget it. I was encouraging of him to spend more time with his kids, offering to even take him to do so. I was there for him physically, emotionally if he needed to talk or cry or anything he needed. I was there financially when I could be since he was paying so much out in child support. Things were really getting better I thought, he had started to include me in his life too, spending time with his family as well. He told me he was in love with me and that he had not said that to anyone since his ex wife. I took him to work everyday, brought him lunch everyday, picked him up from work everyday. I rearranged my everyday activites based on his schedule, even when he got hurt at work and needed me to take him to doctors appontments, physical therapy, or anywhere else he needed to go because his ex wife took the car when she left. I blew my friends off for months, and included him in every activity with my family. I encluded him in my life completely, and I had myself believing nothing else mattered as long as he was in my life, I loved him( I do love him, it doesn't go away overnight).I listened to the lies he told me about his ex wife, and my family was strung along for the ride as well as myself. 2 weeks ago, he breaks up with me because his ex wife called and he told me all of these lies that made me think that she used the kids to guilt him into coming back to her. I lost it, between all of the lies and the confusion, and my heart breaking into peices, I ended up in the hospital. He has yet to even contact me. I can't believe I was with someone so cold, manipulative, etc. Well anyways, so here I am mainly just writing this to help myself deal with everything. SO, at this point, Im not ready to rush right into another relationship, im extremely cautious of men at this point. But I am looking to make a new friend, to see where things go. I'm 5'5, green eyes, I'm full figured, 4 tattoos, 1 peircing, professional, enjoy lots of activites, clubs, music, movies, outdoors activites, traveling, conversation. Let's just say that Honesty is one of my main keys, im honest, but apparently seem to find the dishonest men. Im huge on communication, respect, trust, and the one thing that draws me to someone is their personality. So, if you are interested in making a new friend, and you aren't married, dont have other girlfriend on the side, then email me with a picture and we'll see where things lead.

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