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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Guess Their Not Paying Enough to Fill Them Out Right

seeking punkrock fireman, or sculptorman. . . - 18

LOCATION: Daytona Beach

Help! I need to move to a warmer climate. Seeking advice and possibly a roommate? I'm a yr old BBW non smoker blue eyes own hair. Looking for LTR with someone who will be my best friend. I appreciate compassion patience spontaniety passion in a man. And honesty of course. My two children are grown and on their own.

3 People said what they thought:

Ginormous Boobs said...

What's this part about her having her own hair? Is she 80?

It's like when hotels advertise they have air conditioning or in-room phones. Call me crazy, but I consider those a given.

Loving Annie said...

older woman wants to move to florida, prefers non-retirement home.

Loving Annie said...

With 18 year old punk rocker. yeah, that's gonna happen.