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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Third Person

Singularity seeks Anomaly... - 18

LOCATION: San Franscico

She staggers over words in public, syllables that flow freely in her mind and glide smoothly onto paper spiral out of control when they leave her lips. To shy to party, social anxiety draws her to the corners of the room, and she engages in one on one conversation with an enthusiasm that surprises even her. Doesn’t drink and hasn’t done drugs, she gets high off of books and takes pleasure in staring at the clouds and wondering which ones portend rain, and the fact that even in the smallest scale, there is continuity in the world. Musical tastes spiral out of control, ignoring the lyrics in favour of the feel of the beat and the way it makes her hips sway and her body twirl as she dances like a complete idiot, but enjoys the movement. Books are her one true love, the bibliophile’s room is stacked high with books…and yet out of the chaos of the stacks she can produce any title she wants in a matter of moments. Organized chaos, and really, the floor is just a giant shelf to her. The hermit seeks a male ages eighteen to twenty something (she labours under the delusion that age is merely a number, something that seems to dramatic in the early stages, but as time goes on, seems to lose all importance) that can put up with ramblings about the dinosaurs, and the evolution of man, and commiserate when she wonders what happened to all the smart people in the world. He should be able to ignore a slight case of insanity, and a sense of humour that stems from far too much time spent online. If you believe you can tame a feral geek, please, click the blue email address and send a reply. Like many, she has a myspace. To receive, one must first give.

2 People said what they thought:

Ginormous Boobs said...

I can't really read this because I can't get past the whole too/to problem she has.

Loving Annie said...

a feral geek - why wouldn't a great guy wanna take her on ?