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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The List

Furries give me the creeps


I’m quite positive I will not find “the one” up here. How can I be so certain, you ask. Well, obviously I have an “idea” of what this “the one” will be. He will be just shy or just over six feet, dark hair, green eyes, a bit of a beer belly. He would have played a sport or sports in college – basketball, football, soccer, baseball, but not track. He still likes to get on the court/field and get sweaty with his boys. He knows how to make me laugh. He appreciates the need for beer during college basketball season and is willing to get the beer for me during Carolina/Duke games. Some mornings he wakes me up for sex in time to see the sunrise. He is between 24-29, wants 3 kids, a large house, 2 dogs (big dogs, not the punt-able kind), and a fishing boat. His love is a powerful, all consuming sort. He understands that I get grumpy when I am sleepy. He appreciates live music and theatre. He likes it when I wear his college shirts to sleep in. He is proud of his college degree(s) and is known to read more than playboy when taking a shit or before bed. He knows that sometimes showing a woman how much you love her requires pounding the hell out of her from behind. He likes road trips and maybe even camping (so long as he knows that I can girl-up occasionally when things like spiders are involved). He likes trivia nights in bars and is known to take score during Jeopardy! He loves Will Ferrell and thinks Jeffrey Dunham is pure genius. He cleans up good.

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