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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ma'am! Yes Ma'am!

Are you looking for a Wife?

LOCATION: San Francisco

SAF (Chinese-American) looking for SWM age between 34-40 who is looking for a wife for marriage and starting a family this year. I am 5'2", 100lbs, fair skin, long straight shiny black hair, an oval face,with large round eyes, a sweet friendly smile, straight teeth and overall youthful look. My body is proportional and fit and I get compliments from both men and women. I am a size 0 to size 2. I am always described as cute or and pretty. Also, If you happen to be 34 and turning 35 this year or 39 and turning 40 this year, our personality profiles are an excellent match. We should have a harmonious and satisfying marriage and family together.

3 Things that are important to me: It is important that we are goal-oriented and want to help each other achieve them so that we achieve them together, as a team, couple and family. It is important that the man(you) be a giver, not a selfish taker. He takes pride in being a provider. This trait is a demonstration of true masculinity and maturity in my eyes. It is important that you are prepared to ditch the friend(s) who are keeping you single. These are "player" friends who disparage women and family values or the "spoiler" friends who have personal issues and need company from you to remain single. Either way, these single friends are those you've thought of distancing yourself from.

If you happen to strongly agree with these 3 views, great. Send me an email and just briefly (1)tell me the main reason why this year is the year you want to marry and settle down, (2)what does a wife and children matter to you. Lastly, just (3)sum up your experience of your single life. Include your (4)age, (5)occupation(s), and a (6)photograph. If you address at least these 6 things, I will reply in kind. Feel free to include more info as it will only help. Hope to receive your email and possibly get to know you soon. Ciao!

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