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Friday, February 29, 2008

Don't Quit Your Job as a Fiction Writer

your girl, she's a renegade

LOCATION: Minneapolis

first, me:
i am intimidating sometimes. i am passionate about the things in my life and tend to know a fair amount about them. if you get me onto a subject that i’m especially interested in, i may not let you get in a word edgewise. these subjects include, but are not limited to: food preparation, consumption, and politics, travel (past and future), the art of the short story, spanish linguistics, the midwest (esp. mpls), and russian literature. i have been known to stay out until the sun is on its way up and convince you to go dancing at a club when that is something you'd never normally do (and wouldn't think i'd want to do either), but will also, if the mood strikes me, aggravate you by deciding to stay in on a friday night to read or knit. i will bake you cookies and scones and make you lavish breakfasts on the weekends. i am financially stable and want the same in another. i like to go out to eat without stressing over the bill. i will read without end and convince you to read whatever it is that i currently love; i may even read bits and pieces aloud to you if they're worth it. i'll persuade you to go on bike rides late at night when the sky is clear and the air has warmed up just a few degrees. i like to dress up and quite often turn heads.

now, you:
you are confident enough to not be intimidated. you will listen raptly, but interrupt me and challenge my way of thinking. you will also be wild about things that may or may not be the things that i'm infatuated with and tell me all about them. you'll go out with me, but know that you don't always have to and we won't do everything together. part of what makes the time we spend together amazing is the time spent apart. you will have your own life and friends and not be ready to surrender them to a royal we. you will bring me flowers once in a while if i've made you an especially delicious meal. you have a similar financial situation and can splurge from time to time without worrying about making rent. you read something other than magazines and will at least humor me when i suggest alphabetizing your bookshelves. you'll entertain at least some of my whims, going on walks during which i inform you that every 15th house is my favorite and bike rides to the river where we will drink wine out of the bottle. you clean up nice and turn my head.

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