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Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Horny Are You?

Knife Thrower

LOCATION: San Francisco

I am a hot and horny young woman with kind of a weird fetish...knife throwing. Yes, I said knife throwing. Don't worry, I have absolutely no desire to hurt you, nor will I. I recently moved to the Bay Area and I am just looking for a guy to have some knife-throwing fun with.

Here's what I want: you stand against the wall, in your place or mine, and I throw knives in your direction. I can get them within one inch of your head, shoulders, elbows, fingers and crotch without so much as a scratch. I have been practicing for a while and I never miss. I have only had two guys let me throw knives in their direction since I left Indiana. I guarantee you, I never hurt them and they did NOT regret it.

So, if you let me throw knives in your direction (I promise you won't be hit) you might be rewarded with my pussy.

Let me know if you are man enough for the job.

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