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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No One was Compensated for Their Comments

wants the hunt to end with a best friend


Fish personality? I am a mermaid This is a good website (as internet date sites go, yikes! Please take me off of here ), I can even show my webcam in IM's, that way you know my real time image, that helps personalize this impersonal internet world.My PICs are over a year old, need new ones but, I don't like my PICs and never have a cam ready when I am. People always tell me I look better than what the pics do. I am petite, 135-140#s, fair complected with blue eyes.What I want to know is should I say my body type is Average? Ok, since I was Thin(er) before I had children ("Look Ma, no strech marks.")and the Athletic is a work in progress, guess I'll have to settle for Average for now. I have not quit smoking yet, would if wishing could make it so but, I have to fight hard to end this addiction. I do an occassional cold turkey and one-of-these-days I'm gonna win!Ok, I do drugs, I do caffine and an occassional pass of the peace pipe. I am thankful I was able to quit drinking, that was definitely my worse vice.Since the rest of my profile somehow got deleated, I guess it's time to change it.I've been riding my mountain bike and looking forward to swim season. I like lots of things but I've found out it's the things I don't like that desides compatability. In a nut shell that would include; hollier than thou christians, conservative republicans, guns, drunks (those last 2 r a terrible combo)and messages without pictures. I hated to say it but, it's easier in the long run to show my boundries, the rest is all good

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