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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is That Popcorn With or Without Butter?

Real Simple

LOCATION: Philadelphia

Keeping it simple. I'm 24, white, short chick.
Turn ons: Cats/kittens/puppies/dogs.....well...animals in general i guess, Beards, hairy bears, Guys who don't wear cologne or obsess about smelling good, Sarcasm/dark humor, Sienfeld, The Office, Arrested Development, Popcorn, Red meat, Chicken, chicken nuggets, wine/beer, water balloon fights, pranking people, zombies, horror novels/movies, movies with Kevin Spacey, movies with Christopher Walken, hats, pants, walking around for no reason to no destination

Turn OFFS: skinny guys(if i wanted to be with a skeleton, i'd rob a grave), Metro-sexuals, Sports(but i like to make fun of them, so if you're into phillies games, i'll go for the beer and hot dogs...and then just say how cute it is watching guys run around in pajamas sliding into pillows), Guys who answer my ad with the generic "i have a car and my own place, i'm five foot yada yada and weigh yada yada"....dude, i don't care, its all about chemistry anyhow....and im a bit shallow i guess... , care too much about politics, care too much about order, neatness, routine, likes to talk about their boring job as an accountant, thinks they're "badass" because they talk slow and stupid and have tatoos, "bling", "keepin' it real"....what the eff does that even MEAN?(and no one can seem to answer me on that one when i ask), Non-readers(I like someone who enjoys a book to zone out from the real world...mostly horror though), people who say they're into all types of music, but the range is from radio rock to radio a variety, Business types, who think now that they're professional, they're so awesome and cool and money is all that matters....duh, money rocks, but stop acting like you matter more because of it, Emos, Thugs, Art kids who think their "art" is actually "art". Get the hell over yourself.

Well. that's about it now.

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