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Monday, February 25, 2008

Profile Writing

In reading over profiles for myself and this blog I see a lot of things that I don’t think women are privy to. So hopefully these little tidbits will help you write a better profile.

Part 1 Profile Writing

A relationship is giving and taking. We’ve all heard that before, but how does that relate to profiles. Well when you talk about yourself you give and when you say what you want in your match that’s taking. RULE: What you want in a match shouldn’t be more than 2 sentences.

I’ve only done it once or twice on here, but let me tell you whole profiles are made on saying what the woman wants in match. You may wonder why this is a problem. Well it’s like going into a job interview and saying my name is Jane Doe. I want a 6 figure salary, corner office, full benefits, 6 weeks paid vacation, one hour massage once a week, etc all without saying anything about yourself. The people listening may let you finish so they can use it on a blog like this, but it’s not how to build a relationship.

I know for myself I’ve seen many interesting women that have nothing about them in their profile. It tells me it’s about them or at the least there is nothing for me to comment on to respond. I don’t wink and I’m not going to say I just “hi”. So your really cutting your prospects down.

On a few other notes, the first time I read “thank you for reading my profile”. I thought it was nice. After the 50th I was like WTF? Also please don’t put I’m new to this or I’m a nice person. Again if you’re the 1st its nice, but after a while it really wears thin.

If you would like a wake up call, check out what your competition of women in your area is. You’ll see that there are 3-4 different profiles out there and everyone is using them. Everyone reads the same articles and uses the same stuff. Only about 5% (at most) are actually original. So you do need to work at it to stand out of the pack.

A side note is never put a lower case “i” for “I”. It signifies that you have low self esteem. Have friends read them before you publish and be sure to spell check.

Be sure to check out Part 2.

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