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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Many Faces of Audrey

SWF with DID Wants Caring Kinky Man
LOCATION: Los Angeles

If you're looking for a "normal" woman, please do us both a favor and move on. I'm single by choice, white, in good shape (personal trainer), and attractive enough where I have no trouble getting dates. However, due to some severe childhood trauma, I also suffer from dissociative identity disorder or DID, often mistakenly called Multiple Personality Disorder.

For the past few years, I've fought with medication and several therapists and suffered through relationships with men and sometimes women who just didn't understand the needs of my alters - the other personalities that manifest themselves from time to time. Perhaps I'll never have a long term relationship ubt I have come to realize in the past few years that there are many kinky people in the world and the internet has given me a safe and sane forum to meet them. So, with a hopeful heart, I'm wondering if someone is out there who can handle all of me. I'm looking for someone who would be comfortable with all of my alters. Understand that I have no control about which alter appears and when, so you have to be the kind of person who goes with the flow.

Audrey - this is "me". I'm a normal woman, I suppose. I like snuggling and enjoy sex.
Trixie - a nineteen old runaway. She is a real partier, very bisexual and into sleeping with strangers. She has a temper.
Vance - a stern 45 year old ex cop. This male alter is very dominant and enjoys forcing his partners into anal adventures.
Maggie - A born again Christian, age 35. She is secretly a lesbian and this comes out by the women she brings home, ostensively for her man but actually for herself. She also makea a lot of cookies and follows the "Fly Lady" routine from the internet.
Sara - 25 year old seemingly frigid virgin. Requies a lot of patience as she cries a lot, but will warm up to the right person.

Anyway, that's me right now. I can't promise what will happen in the future, but who can? Can someone out there handle it? I am feeling pretty lonely and would if I meet the right person and we all hit it off, I'd like to get going right away.

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