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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Grammar is Important 2

Militray Man Wanted


i have dated none military men my hole life, growing up next to a fort ord army base u just didnt do that, and i didnt! having grown up sence then i realised im acctrected to the uniform, the clean looks,hard working toughness, of a strong military man. in my life i have had the men i was seeing lie, gamble,do drugs,drink exessavely,and even not go to work!!!!this has all taken its toll on me and i just dont want to date savilens anymore! i dont now how to find u so here i am wrighting this!!!! i am 5'2" 115.lbs light brown hair fit body very hard working, sexy lady not looking 4 marrage been there done that!!!!! it was just to hard to get my life back after it was over... i just want to feel loved and to give my love fully i enjoy pleasing my man and will do any thing (short of harming someone for him) im not a miteral person not looking 4 anything but love i have left 2 marrages leaveing every thing we ever had gotten togather , even my own belongings...just not to take any thing from them but my life back i i now u have been all around this big blue ball we live on ..seeing all kinds of women but i bet u have not found 1 like me!! i have spent the last 20 yrs liveing in the country in northern calif in the forest off the gred on soler power, water pumps,and no tv lol... i have raised my 2 girls and i come with no bagage except a very brused heart that ove can repair i can send my pics apond request to if u want to have a relationship of love & fairnesswith a lady that will work along side u doing whatever the job calls 4 b itcraling under the house to replace the drain cuz im the only 1 small enough to get under there i will and i have not afread of hard work and very willing ok in a nut shell im a pianer with love 4 a simple life like holding hands long kisses pampering my man just to see his smile on his face so if i sound like some one u could spend time getting to now get back to me i'll be waiting

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