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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Say What?

Awake is Good

LOCATION: British Columbia

Yo, I am fasinated with how we are so driven by our egos. I am working on staying awake. I watch people, wondering if they're awake and aware, or are they just on automatic pilot. I'm forever looking for the meat amongst the mashed potatoes. I like to paint large oils, take photos, hike, motorbike, travel, read non fiction. I like to try new things. I've jumping out of an airplane,willingly, taught children english in a foreign country, got my PADI diving license, etc..Books at the head of my bed: The Fourth Way by Ouspensky,50 Things to do When You Turn 50, My Secret Life by anonymous, a Carl Hiassen book, an Eckhart Tolle book, The Painters Keys, Psychology.I also read Richard Dawkins, Charles Darwin, Travel Books, Art Books, I like Maps. I love my GPS ( A Garmin for those who want to know.) I don't let a "lack of participation from others" slow me down. Same with road trippin'. I have a Motorbike ( a 2002 Yamaha V-Star ) I'm trying to live my life saying yes more often than not. Simple, this is the year to kick it up a notch. I have a positive attitude and a happy disposition, and am tired of the fluff around me and would so like to talk "bottom line stuff" with people. I am working on being happy wherever I am, doing whatever I'm doing. But hey, there is also something in a good cigar and brandy that helps too, just to celebrate,whatever. Brilliance, that's good, so is sanity. How to remain sane in an insane world? "Postitive thinking" helps. But, let's debate that, maybe that's just a prettier way of saying "Sticking my head in the sand".Everything is sooooo much more fun when you're awake, aware and can plan and shape your life. Thats the Wild Free Spirit Child in me. I am also feminine, looking for a considerate masculine. I like being treated like the lady I am. I am a good, decent, thoughtful, appreciative, bright, inquisitive girl. Thats better. News flash. I took the free personality test in here and came out as a ENTP. This is some of the nice things said about us 3% of the population.- Socially competent- High standards for self and others.- Respects family values.- Good parent.- Maintains a tidy home.- Artistic and Mechanical thinker.- Emotionally insightful.- Like abstract concepts and ideas.- Artistic and metaphorical use of language. ( what's metaphorical mean?, sounds impottant)- Creative thinker.- "Bored easily" in situations that lack high amounts of intellectual stimulation.Actually I'm working on not being "bored easily".

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