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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Guess Looks Are Top Priority

What I bring to the Table


I may not be a prototypical Susie Homemaker or Betty Crocker, but am knowledgeable on the many restaurants and cuisines offered in New York and without a doubt am a skillful take out girl. I may not get my physique from the manual labor involved in performing rigorous house chores, but isn't it great it looks as though I do? I don't frequent salons for nail care, facials, and etcetera, but Neutrogena should scout me to campaign for skincare. “Modern woman” is a phrase I hear coined too often, in reference to me and that comes with certain perks: I don’t expect you to bear the burden of picking up every bill, am politically conscious, am career-driven and educated, financially responsible,and don’t necessarily have a biological clock that’s ticking. If I do start to wrinkle or sag, it’ll be my top priority to go under the scalpel (after I exhaust natural alternatives:) I would mention lypo, but I have good genes, so I don’t anticipate that as a vital concern. As far as my additional redeeming qualities, I’ll just let those be a surprise. Pretty SBF, 5’5”, 120lbs.

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