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Thursday, March 20, 2008

When Warcraft and Reality Meet

For the Horde! - 41

LOCATION: Portland

Hail! I am a single Blood Elf Warlock, currently residing in an apartment on the SW side of Silvermoon. I made the big move from the Land of Norrath, worked as a Cleric but just got burnt out and needed to make a life change soo here I am! I have tried dating guys I met in Norrath, but somehow it never worked out. The Barbarian Warriors really know how to wear a kilt and fight off a mob, but not into chivalry. My particular attraction to Rangers/Hunters is like chocolate to me.. I can’t get enough. They are very helpful to everyone and willing to be my escort, especially when I can’t read the map or get lost. Hey I am woman, maps tend to confuse me. Tree hugging Druids.. gotta love a man who understands nature and wildlife.. Going into the woods is always a blast and makes it an awesome adventure to see new places untouched by modern man. Then there’s the Bards.. Men who know how to entertain a large crowd, but can make it seem they are looking and singing only to you. They always manage get me to laugh heartily. This being said, I am pretty open minded. Looking for a partner who knows how to have fun, be creative, laugh at himself. Love the woods/great outdoors, artistic, helpful, and musical and be comfortable being a modern man- Oh and loves to wear a kilt! I prefer someone who is a non-smoker and eats his veggies. Most important when he speaks there’s that special twinkle in his eyes that he understands the magic of games.

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Loving Annie said...

Where's Beowolf when you need him ? Or Braveheart ???