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Thursday, July 30, 2009

You're so crazy, I think I want to have your baby!!

LOCATION: San Francisco

Its pretty simple. I am 30 and there is no long line of suitors in sight, so I am hoping to find a healthy straight guy with a good heart, that would like to enable my dream of being a mother. This isn't a rigid add full of expectations, and I am certainly flexible in considering what you have to offer but this is what I am looking for:

1) a Straight, healthy and medically screened candidate (blue eyes a plus).

2) Physical Attraction and chemistry for the best chances of conceiving.

3) A contract, outlining the terms of our "engagement" and I don't mean wedding. For example, you may want visitation and to be a part of the kids life. I may want $1500.00 a month stipend strictly for daycare and school costs. The $1500.00 of course will be facilitated in a legal manner that will prohibit the need to argue over money.

4) I have a great job and great benefits so I may want to pop out two or three over the next couple of years. Back to back. I want them close in age. You don't have to be there, but if that's important to you.....I am flexible on that.

5) I have a great supportive family and can handle the rest.

If you are as crazy as I am, and think this may be something you would consider....we should meet and talk in person.

About Me:
· 30
· Disease and Drug Free
· Successful
· Animal Lover
· Tons of close friends with children who can't wait to help me.
· Straight
· Methodist
· Attractive
· Athletic
· Excited to have a baby.

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Beth said...

Awww...that's so romantic! Be a sperm donor, pay $1500 a month in child support, but I really don't need you to stick around. Doesn't it just bring a tear to your eye?