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Friday, July 24, 2009

We can Git-r-Done at the top of the Raddison


My whole world has been brown, black and purple, yet I still am looking for Mr. Right, thus the reason for this add. I'd prefer someone between 34 & 51. However, some 34-year-old guys are still immature & some 51-year-old guys are as well! So, it's really difficult to specify.

I am a lady who has been dumped on a lot. I have 2 children and am currently pregnant, which is why right now my body is considered as thick. When not pregnant, I like the bar scene but not too often. Friends thrust me because i am worth it. I try to do people the way I want to be done. Any topic should be open for discussion from what's for dinner, to sex, to how are we going to pay for that. I do have plans on furthering myself in the knowledge of books. I want someone who is intellectually intellegent. I can go gambling and not worry about money; willing to go to like six flags and ride rides. I do live on my own with a roomate. And I do get irrated very easily....I have aquariums with fish in them. Its important to have fish in them, if there were no fish them it would be so boring looking at water and rocks. I do not like being caught in the rain.

I have been married a few times,; the last one was a mistake.

i am mostly an easy going girl but i do have a temper and i will stick up for myself when i feel the need. i hate it when a man takes you out and looks at other women. i have been hurt alot so i have a guard up, but feel free to try to break it down. i love to bake things but i don't think that i am that good at it, but people have told me i am. Honestly, im really looking for someone who likes to wash dishes. I love to cook but I hate to clean up the kitchen. If there is anyone out there that likes to eat and then clean send me a message. Also, I dont like anyone that is into self-mutilation because I want someone that has some degree of self respect.

Favorite things: watching a thunderstorm front move in; licking chocholate batter from the bowel; drinking Tarantula while floating on the lake with friends.

Last read: stuffWhat I've learned from my past relationships: nothinMy idea of the perfect first date: Meeting for dinner and then go sit in a park and talk. Or if the weather is bad go out to dinner and then go dancing

Favorite hot spots: going to the country bar and sports bar and strip clubs sometimes

This time it's about me. My name is anna, and my theory is if you want to know more about me you can try asking.

Photos of course.

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