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Monday, July 20, 2009

Transformers, it's not just toys from the 80s anymore - 37

Can you defeat me at Road Rage?
Adult Swim anyone?
How about bowling? -ok, I'm that not good in that department...

I'm a silly sort. But be prepared to talk Transformers at any given moment, and not just the recent movies. Transformers is part of my social network, it's not just a part-time hobby (I have about 500 of the toys -would had been more, but the economy has hit me pretty hard, gotta window shop toys for now). Perhaps you know someone who is also a collector/ fan,
Please let them know a fembot Transfan exist in Clark County!

You: single/ divorced between the ages of 27 and 38 I like white guys I like tallish
Clean cut, no long hair some tatoos are fine, piercings are not a turn on.
No smoking of any kind, no drug use at all
Must be a huge animal lover!

Me: checkah checkah out 5'4" green/ brown eyes thick dark brown, naturally spiral curly hair past my waist full lips curvy body no tatoos very soft skin glasses witty sense of humour and cheeky, too! Lastly, I do have 1 child, who lives part time with my ex husband. I date when he's not around. I'm not having any more children, mine's perfect, no need for do-overs!

LoL If you're still here, maybe you should click the blue link and respond, eh?

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