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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Way too much info

{Yes this is the actual picture}

About Me
My name is Liz. I run away from my problems.I eat my feelings, luckily my emotions always taste good. I stray far from home; I keep a wardrobe in my car.I refuse to wear pants, skirts, or shorts. I stick to leggings.I'm extremely flexible. I wish I was a contortionist. But, I'm too much of a chub for that. I'm happy with my size, because it is paired with a great pair of knockers.I went to culinary school, but now I'd like to own a sex shop.I'll never return phone calls. I hate the phone that much.I have a hard time writing people back on here. As a vegetarian, I'm gassy. Be prepared.I am not a member of PETA.I generally will only rent from Family Video: Tarantino, porn, or children's movies.I do not have kids. I support pro-choice.Now, with that said. I like music a lot. Mostly I enjoy metal, but I also listen to alternative and classic rock.I love to read Burgess, Burroughs, and Orwell. I will never put down a good book, I finish it even if it takes me through hours of reading.Movies you say? Directors, I say. Tarantino, Miike, Kubrick, Cronenberg,and Rodriguez

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