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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Say What?

hey, whats good? am a young atrractive lady, who is very down to earth, loving and caring person who thinks that loyalty and honesty r important things in everyday life.people has let me down too many times in realationships so am not lookin pro`s of playin girls around. yea am seeking sum of that thug passion too, wit a little spark in d eye. looking for a independent man, who can hold it down for me. and doesent be afraid to take jump offs too.if u are looking for a lady who is down to ride for better or for worse am the one u r looking for. the reason why i dont have pic at my profile is that am a bit camera shy, but i dont favor a cookie monster well if u think u r the man am looking for hit me up with a line,am all ears. p.s. u must b also very sexual person,cos i like to spend much time under covers(though,first i have to find the right person),and am good at what am doing so prepare. so drop me a line and get to meet me in person ha,ha. well , till then`arivederdci! yours truly. ND GUYS: AM MORE THAN A DIME,BUT HARD TO HANDLE, IF U THINK U CAN ,HOLLA AT YA GIRL! PEACE ND LUV

2 People said what they thought:

Rebecca Anne said...

She sorta looks like a corpse. I just scrolled down through all the entries, catching up. The pictures....ohhh the pictures. I liked the mysterious man hands the best. Way to make an impression.
Has any of these ladies ever busted you for this site?
Curious of course....
And entertained!

Tawnya said...

Wow, is that even in English? It makes me want to correct her grammar and spelling... sheesh!