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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thanks for the Drama I didn't have enough

LOCATION: Michigan

ARE YOU SERIOUS: You really wonderful men on here who wonder why nice women have attitudes or do not seem to want to accept a date with you... Well let me tell you why? Perfect example... a man I have NEVER looked at or spoke to his hame on here is jsbattman (who is nothing to look at himself) emailed me for the 1st time today telling me to stop in at the "BBW party in southgate tonight". Yes I am not a tiny model and I should not have to explain to that shallow a s s that I was put on steroids for medical reason the last 12 months gaining weight. Yes my pics are current... yes I belong in a size 12 but that should not matter. MR. jsbattman you really need to look at why you are single and you can kiss my amazing big A S S and when you are doing that look at how big it is because it matches the size of my heart! A heart you will never experience! So nice men you wonder why it is so hard to date quality on here because guys like jsbattman mess it up for you! Who goes through life being so shallow and mean? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... someone is not attractive to you then move on why be disrespectful? A S S!NOTE: I DID NOT WRITE THE ABOVE SO YOU FEEL BAD FOR ME... THERE IS NOTHING TO FEEL BAD FOR...I AM SOOOOOOOOO FINE! I KNOW WHO I AM... KNOW WHAT I AM WORTH... WHAT I WANT... AND I KIND OF LIKE THE JUNK IN THE TRUNK A BIT MORE THAT I LIKE TO ADMIT. I POSTED IT SO HE WOULD FEEL THE JERK HE IS AND SO YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND HOW HARD IT IS FOR US WITH THE JERKS AND PLAYER OUT HERE. WHEN WE PUT YOU OFF AND WANT BABY STEPS IT BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE HIM. DON'T GET DOWN ON YOURSELVES OR TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY WE JUST GO THROUGH A LOT OF A S S HOLES!Hello thanks for peeking at my profile!What do you wish to know about me? Just ask away??? Seriously ask… I will be honest!I have been out in this wild world of dating for about a year and YES have met some wonderful men… some unique men... and a few not so wonderful ones too! LOL! With me it is really simple… BE REAL! If what you wrote in your profile is TRUTH and you can walk your own talk then do say hello. I want to get to know more about the person you wrote about… not who you wish you were. PLAYERS NOT INTERESTED! If you are player then move on… I DO like to play however with the right partner and one who can match my MVP status! I am very open and honest! I am not the kind of girl who leaves you guessing what I want… how I feel… or if you screwed up you will know why? I can communicate very well and if you don’t want to know what I think then don’t ask! I expect honestly and communication no matter what in friends and more than friends.You can dress me up and take me out or I can kick back in jeans and drink a beer while the game is on. I like and do both! As for look… I have amazing curves and great assets! If you don’t like junk in the trunk them move on… I have it… love it and use it! One guy asked if I like kids… Love kids however the mother’s and their drama I wont deal with so have your ex’s in check!If you are not confident in yourself and your dating ability then please move on until you are ready! I know what I am worth… what I deserve… and makes me smile… you think you’ve got what it takes then please do say hello!Finally, I am not in your face blunt as you may feel after reading the above. I am very sweet... romantic... sassy... and love to laugh. I just really am tired of meeting men on here that can't be honest with themselves or anybody else for that matter. Life it so short... why lie and pretend to be what you are not? Celebrate who you are and that magical someone will appear and like or even love you for YOU the Real You! There is a special someone for everone once you know how special you are!Smiles to you:)

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