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Monday, March 2, 2009

Take Your Medication Before you Type

LOCATION: Oklahoma City

DECIDED FOR LENT AND FOR THE 20 YEAR OLDS TO LEAVE ME ALONE I WOULD COME CLEAN, NO WRINKLES OR VARICOSE VEINS,MY BODY STILL SMOOTH AND NO CELLUITE,YET TO COME CLEAN ABOUT MY AGE. I DO NOT FEEL IT OR LOOK IT.I'M 53 TODAY HAPPY HAPPY PEYTON NOT 40. Like younger men only because alot of people my age have the grandchildren and feel life is over.I'm known for being a prankster, keeping good relationships with exes and doing a right on impersonation of Reba.A mutual friend of mine in Calif mentioned that our mutual friend an ex of mine wanted to know if it was ok to write to me. So I looked up his number he manages apts and announced in my Reba voice I needed an apt. My gosh his voice hadn't changed in 26 years only more professional."Hold on let me turn down the radio.""Can't ya afford a tv?""What of course i just listen to a radio while I work on apartments.""Have cable?""Well sure you can have cable.""How much more is the cable""You get it on your own now how big of a place do you need?""Have five kids.""So a three bedroom then.""Well thats three kids and the other two aren't human."'Uh what do you mean they aren't human""Have a dog and a cat.""Sorry no pets allowed.""Like pigs?""Like pigs what? What does pigs, yes I like pigs"Yeah that's what your ex girlfriend said."! Started laughingPeyton!Wanted to apologize 26 years later about being an idiot, first guy to ever propose to me at 17. HAVE THE YOUTHFULNESS HEALTH BODY OF SOMEBODY 15 YEARS OR MORE YEARS YOUNGER, I CHOSE TO BE 12 YEARS YOUNGER TO SEE IF I COULD GET BY WITH IT AS I PREFER MEN 8-10 YEARS MY JUNIOR.THEN THE 20 YEAR OLDS STARTED CHASING ME AND I HAVE A 23YEAR OLD SON AND THAT FELT LIKE CHILD MOLESTATION FOR THEM TO EVEN VIEW MY PHOTO.It's just a number. And if you feel I'm an old bag tough I feel sexier and prettier.REDHEADED WILDCAT,PART IRISH,POSSIBLE TOUCHUPS BY LOREAL, HEY I'M WORTH IT!Freelance writer which means we're poor but like the freedom and novelist) looking for her best friend. Not marriage not a one night stand. My best friends have always been men.I'm part Irish part Cherokee with German and Scot thrown in for good measure. I am a free lance writer and novelist in the process of adapting my first novel into a screenplay.Being a parent with clean cut drug free well educated and mannered children is my biggest accomplishment especially when they say I get it Mom, thanks.Love to travel and learn new cultures and new languages and make new friends. While working as a volunteer in International Adoptions in countries where they actually allow adoptions and I actually qualified my two youngest girls have known from day one they are adopted, and are proud of their heritage. We celebrate American and their traditions too.I'm very outgoing, very affectionate, a sudden downpour of rain catching you offguard cracks me up, I try to find the humour in everything.I've raised my children that the word cannot does not exist, that I will do my bestI may not like something they did but my love for them is unconditional it grows everyday, same with a friend or loved one.Life is too short to hold a grudge.People who know me will tell you that I am non judgemental and my arms and friendship are always open wide.Not God, just a decent human being.But if you shoot Bambi or squirrels who live behind my house there is no way we can get alongWant to be loved but not owned and put on a pedastel and kept under lock and key.I am comfortable preparing and hosting a formal dinner for 20 to wearing jeans walking barefoot and snuggling. I do not own real jewelry or a mansion-figue I'll end up in one for a day and won't even be alive to enjoy it. May have a prerecording, are we having fun yet when people pass by.My ex and I are best friends calls me the poor Carrie Bradshaw of shoes. When growing up we were so poor had to staple or glue my shoes together. Have alot of shoes from discount stores as do my children for security. No designer brands but because I'm short and have long dancer legs I only wear 4inch heels and boots with stockings and dresses.Arriving in OKC March 14 with my best friend my 20 year old daughter Mandi my twin now flying-cheaper than the speeding tickets i would accumulate or giving the flying finger award I'd be giving truckers-no I wasn't going to flash my boobies-just because I flew nude in a traffic reporter's plane in my 20's does not mean i'm going to flash my boobies at truckers!I'm a respectful mother of 4 kids, well get me my rocker I'm 53. Yeah like that would happen. I do not go to class reunions because the first thing that comes up is how my boobs got stuck in the gate at play rehearsalI am just so cute

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