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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Don't Shave My Snatch.

i posted something along these lines before and it got flagged. either you can't handle a woman actually being honest, or you're anti-hairy bushes. lame.

so i am not looking to have sex or even mess around right away..but i figured this is something i should warn you about. in case it ever comes to that. i used to shave it all, and i may do it again sometime. but i've been growing my pubic hair out for a few months. it's not a terrible jungle. like, you can see my skin, actually. the hair isn't that dense. and i actually think it's really soft.

i've grown to really resent how society makes women feel like they are expected to shave their crotches. look at any porn. and guys of course are used to it, and get weirded out if you don't. i wish it was the 70s, when nobody shaved.

so are there any guys who could deal with this?

oh yeah, i like talking. a lot. especially about movies, music, political issues, books, celebrities, just about anything. i also like playing rummy. i'm tall and not skinny.

i hope some men have the balls to be willing to deal with this. i don't think it's the worst thing in the world. i'm VERY clean.

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Beth said...

Waaaay too much information!