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Friday, September 4, 2009

Bat Girl Seeks Hot Male Animal for Extensive Necking Session

I love to make out. In fact, I like to neck and kiss so much I sometimes fancy I should have been born a blood-sucking bat instead of the female I am now. At the very least, if I were a bat, I could jab and peck at your precious muscular neck and you wouldn't think anything of it. You'd just think you stepped into some unkept barn, or some forgotten cave, and were attacked by some nocturnal creature. You see, that's how I am.

If you're really HOT like I think you're going to be, then I just can't help myself but lunge for your neck and dig my big fat ligs deep into your fresh young throat. In the end, you'd learn to like it. Doubtful, that I'd draw any blood though. In fact, the taste of blood makes me feel queasy. And if I were ever to get that carried away I'd vomit up pea soup, as that's what I had for lunch today - non-vegetarian pea soup, of course.

Call me passionate, impassioned, lustful. But above all, don't call me crazy. This is a SERIOUS request for a young specimen who considers himself "HOT"!

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Beth said...

Time to break out the garlic.