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Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday's Round Up

You might want to show us what you're about instead of showing us what you want.

Okay we get that you're friendly.

What is up with women and the eye picture?

Some anger issues?

That's a lot of ribbons?

Ah the old finger sucking trick. Works every time.

1 People said what they thought:

Charmaine said...


Are you I am.

My date yesterday told me, as he was staring at my chest, that if I posted some pictures of my "assets" I would get alot more hits.

I don't need more hits fat man (is what I was thinking).

He told me that in most womens profiles they are showing off their body in some way.

Well, I guess you show the goods that your are selling eh?

Lastly, what sites to you get these aweful pictures from?

You should include some of the verbiage to round out the blog. The pics are great, we just need more meat on the bones of the blog.