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Monday, December 22, 2008

Being Drunk is a Great Night?

Bombshell on a Mission


I consider myself an outgoing type of girl. I can describe a good time as being out at a club all night, coming home and being considerably drunk and exhausted, or I can simply have a good time having an intriguing and witty conversation in the ideal atmosphere. I'm not perfect, though I can sometimes strive to be, I'm slowly learning to love the imperfections that make me and what others have. Alone, or when I get to know someone I'm silly, I absolutely love to laugh. I like getting in the depth of someone's mind and especially love the company of a person. I'm currently a full time student at Broward College and expect to start a paralegal program early next year. I'd like to find someone educated, that takes an interest in learning themselves. I love being wild, and adore being in the company of someone who is just as wild. I'm 5'6, blond, light skin and blue eyes. I'm of white origin, French-Canadian/Irish naturally, and weigh about 115 pounds. I eat right, and attempt to exercise often. I'm not shy at all, and on one occasion or another I've been told I'm "up front, or extremely blunt", especially when it comes to what I want; whatever that may be. I'm a very classy type of girl, I'm always in heels and I always go all out. I'm an intellectual, and looking for someone equally adequate to me in every way possible or more. Someone that I could consider my absolute "partner in crime". Goal wise, because I believe everyone should have them, is to exceed in school and to reach my full potential, physically and mentally. Anything else?;P.
As for photos, I have plenty more.

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Senorita said...

Haha, she says she is classy while she has her legs spread in a skanky swimsuit in heels !

That isn't the part that bothers me. The part that bothers me is that she is studying to become a paralegal. Such a professional !