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Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday's Madness

That's one sexy eye let me tell you.

Okay I really had to look here since every picture had her dressed as a guy even though she wants to meet a guy. Note if you want to meet a guy don't dress like one.

Must be cold where she is either that or she's on America's Most Wanted.

I never get these. If you're not going to put a picture of yourself up don't even bother. This shit just pisses us guys off.

I know where my mind is going with this picture, but I'll let you decide.

3 People said what they thought:

Robin said...

That top shot of the green eye outlined in fashion feathers is great. Oh, artistic, too. LOL.

Loving Annie said...

Was this last girl on a spanking site or what ???

Brandi said...

I am cracking up! What a funny blog ... although it has made me go look at my dating add! LOL Thank you for the laugh.